Stay-At-Home-Mom: The Terrible Two’s



At our 18 month check-up, Trever was not exactly happy to be there. Who wouldn’t be? After 18 months of going to the doctor, he had to have known there were going to be shots involved! But I was not prepared for the comment the doctor made, “He’s just going through his terrible two’s.” What? He’s not two yet, that can’t be it! However, in the months to follow, I realized she may have been correct.

You see, he did start acting up after that but I found a reason for his outbursts. He was tired, hungry, bored, sick, etc. After all, we started 2014 with a month of being sick so of course he wouldn’t be in a good mood! But then it happened, the ultimate meltdown. We went to a birthday party at the zoo and he wanted nothing to do with the kids, party, or animals being brought in. He wanted to be outside looking at the ducks. When I told him we had to go in and celebrate with his friends, he screamed, went full back arch, hit me, and cried and cried and cried. We ended up leaving early and although I know it is perfectly normal, I felt like a bad mom. The other kids his age weren’t acting like this, why was mine? I had no choice but to accept the fact that my 20-month old IS experiencing the terrible two’s. Yes, he wanted to stare at the ducks and I was taking him away from that but I had no excuse for his behavior. He wasn’t tired, hungry, bored or sick, he simply was upset he didn’t get his way.

So thus begins the wonderful journey of simply smiling at the strangers staring at my child and I as he screams bloody murder while hitting me. As I have read and heard, I will simply hold him and comfort him until he calms down and try my hardest not to give in and let him do or have what he so desires. I will smile at the strangers assuring that “I got this” while thinking to myself “what, you haven’t seen a child throw a tantrum before?” Heck, maybe next time I’ll turn it into a game for myself to see what witty comment I can come up with to the old lady scowling at me! Scream on, little one, scream on.


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