Stay-at-home-Mom: A Night Alone

As I begin my night alone, I am bombarded with the possibilities of  all the things I could do. Organize the closet, sit down and watch the Coyotes game, catch up on laundry, back-up the computer, take a bath, go to bed early, and of course, write this blog. So many possibilites to relax but I feel the need to get some things done. So I cleaned up the house, started a load of laundry, backed-up my computer, and realized that I need a new computer when iTunes failed to open due to hardware failure! Just another thing to add to my list.

My husband took our baby to the Coyotes game tonight for some male bonding and to give me a chance to have some peace and quiet. It has been an hour and I already miss the giggles, screams, and jibberish of that smiling face and I wonder just how long I can go without looking at a picture of him, smelling his blanket, or preparing his clothes and milk for the morning. For the longest time, I have been craving just an hour of piece and quiet. For an hour to catch up on my chores. For an hour to sit and do nothing. But as I move through this house and even as I write these very words, I miss him. I realize that I’d gladly give up an hour alone just to be with him.



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